Lindbeck on Churchwide Assemblies as Pseudo-events

“In short, this assembly was ‘more like a rally than a legislative body’…The assembly’s role was to approve what headquarters had decided.”

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Fantasy Islam (Kafir Edition): Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota – Stephen Kirby

Playing or being played?

Fantasy Islam (Kafir Edition): Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, Part II – Stephen Kirby

Who is “reforming” who?

Christians in the Gulf states — Philip Jenkins

The Christian story in the region has come full circle.

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Converted Trump Now Running for Pope

In shocking news first reported a week ago, businessman Donald Trump has converted to Catholicism and has now declared his candidacy for Pope. Read more here.

The New Religion of Anti-Racism — Chris Martin

John McWhorter notes the resemblance between religious fervor and anti-racism activism. Read more here.


Mordechai Kedar: “I think that we should correct the vocabulary that we use, and call a spade a spade. It is all about Jihad, the Islamic effort to spread Islam globally”. Read more here.

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Memories of Nino | Hadley Arkes | First Things

On natural law.

The case for caution over the pope/patriarch meeting – CRUX

Was Friday’s meeting more than a photo-op?

An everyday Mohamed fights terrorism with cartoons

In the war for young people’s hearts and minds, Mohamed Ahmed hopes to use cartoons to dissuade a generation raised on “The Simpsons” and “South Park” from taking up arms for the Islamic State. Read more here.

Forde got out of Biblicism; you can, too – 19

Forde got out of Biblicism; you can, too – 19

The “post-liberal Lutheran” is, of course, something of a shadowy, if not menacing, figure on the contemporary scene, perhaps not yet clearly defined, often a puzzle to both friend and foe, usually mistaken simply for a hard-line conservative confessionalist or orthodoxist. But that is seriously to misread the situation. It is a post-Enlightenment, post-liberal position. A post-liberal Lutheran is one who has been through the options spawned since the Reformation and realizes that they have all been used up. Least of all does infallibilism or reactionary conservatism of any sort provide an answer. In any case, Lutherans have always been uneasy with infallibilist solutions to faith’s questions. Even where they have flirted with the ideas of scriptural infallibility they have had some anxiety and suspicion that it might be contrary to a gospel appropriation of the scriptural message.

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Gerhard Forde, “The Catholic Impasse: Reflections On Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue Today,” Promoting Unity. Themes in Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue. Eds. H. George Anderson and James R. Crumley Jr. (Minneapolis: Augsburg, 1989) 67-77; here 72, emphasis added.

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Obama’s mosque visit and gender apartheid – Asra Nomani

Muslim woman offers tough love advice for Christians in interfaith worship. Read more here.

The God Profusion – Naomi Riley

Europe’s churches are empty – but don’t take that as a sign of reason’s triumph. More than half of Icelanders believe in elves and trolls. Read more here.

Liturgical Change Is Afoot in the Catholic Church — Mark Brumley

New rules on foot washing will not change the masculine identity of priestly ministry. Read more here.

Wengert errs “publicly” in The Book of Concord

Tim Wengert inserted a word in Article 14 that should not be there. The added word puts a spin on Article 14 that should not be there.

See the wrongly inserted word “[public]” and its inaccurate footnote below:

“Concerning church government it is taught that no one should publicly teach, preach, or administer the sacraments without a proper [public] call.”

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No absolute separation between evil and good

Forde: “We don’t really even have a basis for making an absolute separation between evil and good.” Read it here. And Forde on the Devil here.

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Political Action and the Primacy of the Good — Daniel Mahoney

“Manent thus proposes a “social contract” with French Muslims that accepts them as they are, along with their moral practices, with two notable and crucial exceptions. He argues that the burqa is inadmissible because “it prevents the exchange of signs by which a human being recognizes another human being.” Europeans have never covered their faces. This “lugubrious servitude” is incompatible with a free society. France has the “right and duty to impose the most absolute prohibition on this manner of dress.” The second prohibition is that of polygamy. The family, with one husband and one wife, is the building block of civil society and an indispensable pillar of a free society.

“Manent recognizes that the increase in open acceptance of Muslim ways (e.g., dietary restrictions in schools, separation of boys and girls in certain social activities) comes with certain risks. Those risks can be compensated for by active efforts to preserve or reinforce the “ancient constitution” of France. To begin with, Muslims must accept that they live in a nation of a Christian mark with a strong and enduring Jewish presence. They must break with the umma, a universal Islamic empire, and proclaim their loyalty to France. They must wean themselves of reliance on foreign funding and repudiate extremism of every kind. Most of all, they must stop hiding behind accusations of Islamophobia. In practice, the reflexive evocation of Islamophobia has led to serious restrictions on the ability of Europeans to think, write, and speak as they please. It undermines even the minimal capacity for self-criticism in the Arab-Islamic world and among Muslims in Western countries. French Muslims accordingly see themselves as victims and involve themselves in the civic forum only to express grievances.” Read more here.

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The Oscars Blackout Protest Why it’s morally, strategically, and aesthetically wrong – Danusha Goska

The Oscars Blackout protest is wrong. It is factually wrong. It is morally wrong. It is spiritually wrong. It is aesthetically wrong.

The Kids Are Not Alright: A Lesbian’s Daughter Speaks Out — Brandi Walton

Some children of gay parents, just like some gay people, do not support gay parenting or gay marriage. Male and female biology each provide something every child needs—together.

How Much Time Do You Have To Find Out About Islam? — Hugh Fitzgerald

Why learning the truth about Islam is such a tremendous challenge for Unbelievers.