ELCA Grace Gathering goes for Holy Hierarchy

The ELCA will take a big step towards sacramental bishops, priests, and deacons (as required by CCM) at its August 2016 Churchwide Assembly in New Orleans.

See proposed ELCA constitutional change ¶7.54.01:Ministers of Word and Service shall be known as deacons.” Read more here.


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Many came to annual memorial service

At St. John we were surprised by the high level of participation in a special memorial service that we held on a Saturday night for our members and the community. The service had almost twice as many people in attendance as during a regular Sunday service. Read more here.

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Send provisions to the troops in Judah. Read more here.

United Methodism’s global evangelical transformation | Religion News Service

African delegates now represent over 40% of the church. Read more here.

The LGBT Movement Will Self-Destruct — Rachel Lu

Keep explaining again and again that traditional sexual morality is not a
rejection of persons but of behaviors that are inimical to real human good. Read more here.

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A Methodist Culture-War Showdown – Mark Tooley

“United Methodism, with more than seven million American members, is the largest of the big seven mainline Protestant denominations. Nearly all the mainline churches in recent years have officially affirmed same-sex marriage and actively gay clergy, followed by schism and decline. The United Church of Christ, once a flagship mainline denomination, recently predicted losing 80% of its members over the next 30 years.” Read more here.

Female permanent deacons coming for the RCC? No real change

Pope Francis has agreed to study the matter. As Vatican spokesman Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi emphasized:

“The Pope did not say he intends to introduce the ordination of female deacons, and even less did he talk about the ordination of women as priests. In actual fact, the Pope made clear in his preaching during the course of the Eucharistic celebration that he was not considering this (question) at all.”

In 1994 Pope John Paul II in Ordinatio Sacerdotalis declared that “the Church has no authority whatsoever to confer priestly ordination on women and that this judgment is to be definitively held by all the Church’s faithful” (#4).

Nuns already do a lot that a female permanent diaconate would do. But raising the possibility of a female diaconate at this time gives the impression of openness and deflects attention from divorce and homosexuality. Read more here.

JDDJ Annex: The theological impact of its doctored text

It used to be that you could depend on official texts to be accurate. No more.

Just as the Kolb/Wengert Book of Concord has at least one major error, so, too, the Eerdmans edition of the Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification has at least one major error.

Once again a word has been inserted into the official text that shouldn’t be there. Read more here.

Lindbeck on Churchwide Assemblies as Pseudo-events

“In short, this assembly was ‘more like a rally than a legislative body’…The assembly’s role was to approve what headquarters had decided.”

Read more here.

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